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News May 16, 2023

‘What Does the Federal Budget Mean for Music?’: Watch Here Now

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‘What Does the Federal Budget Mean for Music?’: Watch Here Now

The Federal Budget was released last week.

Since then, it’s been discussed and debated across industry, business, communities and households, but beyond the big, national headlines, what impact will it actually have on musicians, music industry professionals and small business owners?

Tune in now to watch the special TMN Talks session, “What Does the Federal Budget Mean for Music?”, featuring Adrian Collette, CEO of the Australian Council for the Arts; Julia Robinson, head of policy and advocacy for ARIA and PPCA; Meredith Fannin, founder of Darkwave; and Josh Pyke, musician and chair of PPCA. The Music Network and The Brag Media’s editorial operations manager, Vivienne Kelly, acts as moderator.

The video panel session delves into the hidden details of the latest Budget and what is means for music businesses and artists, as well as the bigger picture implications of the funding around music education, superannuation changes and having secure long-term funding, instead of a constant reliance on small grants.

Plus, there is a progress update on the Australian Council of the Arts’ transition to become Creative Australia, and the implementation of the wider “Revive” cultural policy document. It also touches on the Centre for Arts Workplaces, and just who might sit on the board of the new Music Australia.

The session will be available online from 12:00p.m., Tuesday, May 16. 


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