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News May 18, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: ArowAgency announces new Artist and Label Services division

EXCLUSIVE: ArowAgency announces new Artist and Label Services division

A year ago, ex-Sony Music staffers Elizabeth Browne and Tamara Georgopoulos launched independent music agency ArowAgency to offer management, digital and artist development services. Having worked with local acts Oh/VillainResidual and Save The Clock Tower, among many others, the pair have today announced a new Artist and Label Services division.

The new arm, titled ArowServices, will offer clients a wide range of bespoke services covering every avenue of an artist’s release cycle; including release planning, artist and brand development, social media strategy and online marketing.

Elizabeth said: “We launched ArowAgency as an artist-first company and offering release planning is something we feel is very important. We’re passionate about educating artists and assisting labels, booking agents and other management teams at the most crucial points of a release.”

The new arm will also see ArowAgency offer artists and labels access to tailored social media workshops.

“For an artist, the process of releasing music can be quite overwhelming. We see so many artists who invest time and money into writing and recording a song, only to put it out online and hope for the best. We want to empower artists by educating them on the best ways of releasing their music,” says Tamara.

ArowAgency has appointed JMC Academy student Nicole Lepusic as Manager, Artist Services to oversee the new division.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be stepping into this role working for an agency that has an ethos in line with my own personal vision for artists and the Australian music industry,” said Nicole. “I’m excited to continue to learn and to work with Tam and Liz to take ArowAgency and ArowServices to new heights!”

ArowServices’ suite of bespoke packages will run as an a-la-carte menu, inclusive of:

  • Artist development
  • Copywriting
  • DSP delivery management
  • DSP feature pitching
  • Online marketing
  • Publicity
  • Radio servicing
  • Social media development
  • Social media strategy and channel management
  • Social media workshops
  • Tour marketing

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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