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News September 12, 2017

Eventbrite announces layoffs after Ticketfly purchase

Eventbrite announces layoffs after Ticketfly purchase
Eventbrite office, Nashville

Eventbrite’s US$200 million purchase of Ticketfly from Pandora is picked to make it the biggest ticketing company in independent music.

However, three months after the ticketing service provider made the choice to buy its major competitor – and two months after Pandora pulled out of Australia entirely – Eventbrite has said it will let at least 25% of Ticketfly’s staff go.

Eventbrite said in an official statement:

“It’s unavoidable to combine two companies of our size and not have some level of redundancy. After a careful talent analysis across both organisations, we notified some Ticketfly employees earlier this week that they have been impacted.

“While it’s never easy to say goodbye to colleagues, we sincerely appreciate the hard work and contribution each person made to the Ticketfly business. We have retained the vast majority of the Ticketfly team to ensure we have the collective experience and expertise to best serve our customers.”

While Eventbrite hasn’t announced exactly how many employees will be let go, Amplify reports Ticketfly employed approximately 150 to 200 people.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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