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News November 8, 2019

Etcetc’s Aden Mullens talks Lab78, Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes’ new label

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Etcetc’s Aden Mullens talks Lab78, Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes’ new label

Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes can boast many of things in their decades-long career. Platinum records, ARIA Awards, a U.K. No. 1 album with Elton John. And now, their very own record label.

The duo behind PNAU, Empire of the Sun and Teenager have launched Lab78, through a partnership with etcetc, the label home for PNAU since 2006.

The first release is a collaboration with Cloud Control frontman Alister Wright on the project Vlossom, with a single ‘Catch Your Breath’ due out next Friday (Nov. 15).

Discussing their new venture, Littlemore said, “The reason we started Lab78 was because we were meeting these very special people, these beings. Peter and I wanted to bring them into our fold so we may make the records that we felt not only did the artist desire or deserve, but the world deserved, and use our expertise, with the help of these wonderful artists like Alister Wright, like Ivy who you are yet to meet, and bring them out to the world.”

And how did the name come about? 1978 was a significant year, a time when both Mayes and Littlemore were born.

Lab78’s A&R and creative will be strongly driven by Littlemore and Mayes, while label services will be carried out by the team at etcetc.

TIO caught up with etcetc General Manager Aden Mullens for an inside look at Lab78.

What’s etcetc’s support role with the new label?
We’re collectively really excited about the venture. Nick and Peter are hyper-creative individuals who work with so many talented people and they just need an outlet and a trusted team to help get these projects out. etcetc is involved in A&R and fulfilling the visual creative directed by Nick, and will supply label and project management services.

Lab78 will also have access to the highly experienced in-house marketing, radio and PR team and any necessary third-party services, licensing, and label business operations such finance, royalties, legal, etc.

Distribution will flow through etcetc’s global deal with The Orchard.

Will the lads be actively scouting, signing and releasing material, or just when they feel they’ve got the right record?
There’s already three album projects produced, all completely different to the other. The plan is to give each the required space so we can best connect them to their intended audience.

Nick and Peter will continue doing what they have always done. Finding artists they get a good vibe from, doing a session and seeing how it feels.

Nick supplied an insightful monologue on how Vlossom came about and the writing process and it’s a great listen if you have interest in the creative process of Nick and Peter. It’s unique with function within the distinction.

What’s the new label’s ethos?
Nick has an uncanny ability of finding amazing creatives and getting a new level from them. Creatives who may not even be involved in music. At its core, Lab78 is about creating unique artists, with unbridled authenticity, with something new to say. If you’re out there, Nick will find you.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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