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News March 8, 2017

Ed Sheeran will land 16 songs in next week’s top 40 ARIA chart

Ed Sheeran will land 16 songs in next week’s top 40 ARIA chart

Today is the day that the Singles Chart officially becomes irrelevant.

We’ll expand on that thought a little later on with a captivating, memorising, (self-aggrandising?) opinion piece discussing how the charts are currently broken (through no fault of the excellent people at ARIA – I blame the march of technology and time) and how they can be fixed through a series of minor tweaks. Until then, here’s how the charts will look next week.

First, on the albums chart, the aforementioned Ed will debut at #1 with his Divide album, with his previous two albums also looking set to re-enter the top 5. So, that means he will have three of the top five positions, with Adele’s 25 (last week’s #3) and 21 making up the remaining two. King Gizz, The Waifs and that god-damn Trolls soundtrack have an outside chance at pushing one of the aforementioned five out of the…five, but it would take a late sales surge as a result of something crazy like King Gizz selling out eight Melbourne shows or something.

All Our Exes Live In Texas are set for a top 10 debut with their debut album When We Fall, the culmination of an amazing run which has included an impressive amount of radio support, and tour slots with The Backstreet Boys and Passenger. Definitely the highest chart position for an Australian folk band named after a George Strait song – which is a new ARIA record! Congrats!

Kingswood’s sophomore album After Hours, Close To Dawn also looks likely to debut in the Top 10, with the only other probable debut in the Top 40 being Methyl Ethel’s Everything Is Forgotten, which should slide into the Top 20.

Somebody’s Dad must have had a massive backyard BBQ that we don’t know about, because both Cold Chisel and Crowded House best-of collections have enjoyed a sales spike, likely to jump back into the Top 40 next week, while Justin Bieber must be hitting up all the local Sanity stores buying up copies of Purpose while he is in Australia, ‘cos the album looks to re-enter the Top 25.

As for the singles chart, well Ed fucking broke it, didn’t he?! More on that later.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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