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News October 27, 2015

Double J Pick of the Week – Blank Realm

Double J Pick of the Week – Blank Realm

Blank Realm
River Of Longing

If you're yet to discover Brisbane indie jammers Blank Realm, you need to fix that immediately. Over the past seven years the band has moved from their roots as an improvised noise group to become a more melodic, poppier concern.

Last year's Grassed Inn made more people pay attention than ever before, but if River Of Longingis anything to go by, their forthcoming album Illegals In Heaven will take them to a new level.

The energy that pulses through this track is infectious. The band's finest elements are distilled and executed perfectly. The warped pop vocal melody and glistening guitar lines are both kinda atypical on their own, but when melded with the band's typical, staid motorik beat, solid bassline and atmospheric synth, it makes for a formidable package.

If you hear this song at a party – and it is chirpy and hasty enough to play at one – you're probably in for a good night.



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