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News July 21, 2017

Divinyls are reforming, without Chrissy, for a fashion show

Divinyls are reforming, without Chrissy, for a fashion show

In the most high-profile Australian case of “just leave it the fuck alone” since INXS decided to replace their obviously irreplaceable vocalist, Divinyls members Mark McEntee, Richard Harvey and Rick Grossman are teaming with The Preatures’ Izzi Manfredi and Jack Moffitt under the name ‘Divinyls’.

Chrissy Amphlett tragically passed away in 2013, which many assume would bring the band to a natural close. Not so, as the brand is brought out again for Wheels & Dollbaby’s 30th anniversary show, where they will play a half hour set at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

Wheels & Dollbaby is the brain-child of McEntee’s partner Melanie Greensmith, who is the founder and head designer.

Greensmith told The West Australian she is “thrilled” the band are reforming for her show.

“We started in 1987, and I can remember Mark and Chrissy coming into my little shop and buying all this stuff. And they wore a lot of my stuff. I’m just so thrilled that he said he’d do it for me, because so many people have asked him over the years and he has always said, ‘Nah’.

“You know, like promoters and everyone … and ‘we’ll get you this singer and we’ll get you that singer’. He never wanted to damage his brand, you know what I mean?”

Until now.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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