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News November 25, 2020

Dinosaur City Records signs Laure Briard: Exclusive

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Dinosaur City Records signs Laure Briard: Exclusive

Indie label Dinosaur City Records is adding some French flair to its roster with new signing Laure Briard, TIO can exclusively reveal.

Based in Toulouse, Briard recorded her latest EP Eu Voo with Brazil’s on-the-rise psychedelic-pop outfit Boogarins.

The first track through the new arrangement with Dinosaur City is the EP’s title track, which arrives this week as a single along with a new music video.

Separately, Briard has bagged a sync with a song from Eu Voo featuring on the Netflix comedy/drama series ‘Emily in Paris’, and a feature will go live this week on La Blogotheque, a culture-vulture blog that has featured Bon Iver, Maggie Rogers and others.

Dinosaur City Records will work the record in Australia and New Zealand alongside Michel Records in North America (Jonathan Persone, Halo Maud) and Midnight Special Records (Clea Vincent, Cosima) for the rest of the world.

Laure Briard ‘Eu Voo’

Written and directed in Spain by Briard’s frequent collaborator Norma, the ‘Eu Voo’ music video is the stuff of dreams. Trippy dreams.

“We left the earthy Landes for the surreal landscape of the Bardenas desert, in Spain, where we found our American fantasy,” she recounts. “We shot these images in a few hours, as the sun was going down. But as I was closing up the equipment, I felt the desert sand rise – I lifted my head and there before me, Laure was flying. I opened a warm San Miguel and watched her make circles around the twilight.”

Briard is three albums deep in a musical career that weaves pop, garage rock, bossa nova and psychedelic leanings.

Based in Sydney and co-founded by Cody Munro Moore and Jordanne Chant, Dinosaur City Records has been shining a light on the weird and wonderful since 2016.

Its roster includes Cotillon, Elmo Aoyama, Gum Country, Nick Griffith and NOCON.

Watch Laure Briard’s ‘Eu Voo’:

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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