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News June 18, 2018

Despite record 1 million votes, ‘The Voice’ grand finale draws lowest-ever audience

Despite record 1 million votes, ‘The Voice’ grand finale draws lowest-ever audience

Despite drawing a record one million votes in a closely contested show, The Voice’s grand finale drew its lowest viewership of all time.

The Channel 9 show marking the end of the seventh season in Australia drew 987,000 overnight metros, while the actual winner’s announcement was to 968,000.

That’s a drastic drop from last year’s figures of 1.306 million overnight metros.

In 2016 the figure was 1.15 million and 1.5 million the year before.

The show’s production and effects were stunning, and the performances from the final four – solo and with their coaches – were closely matched.

“Any of the four could kill,” said first-time coach Joe Jonas predicted at the start of the show, while Boy George concurred, “The most interesting four we’ve had on this show.”

The four finalists were Sam Perry, Bella Paige, Sheldon Riley and Aydan Calafiore.

It’ll be interesting to see how the win by 28-year-old looper Perry will affect the show’s future audition process, having changed the rules.

Perry’s approach was controversial, with Boy George earlier pointing out that his vocal performance would not reflect the same stage nerves as the other contestants.

Last night the debate raged 50:50 on social media as to how credible his involvement in the show was.

The Perth DJ, who said he had entered the contest to “get respect for my artform” and not to win (“my money’s on one of them and not me, put it that way”), took home  $100,000 cash and a recording contract with Universal Music Australia.

George Ash, president, Universal Music Asia Pacific, issued a statement, “A huge congratulations to Sam on an incredible win in tonight’s Voice Grand Final.

“I am thrilled to welcome him to the Universal family and congratulate him and all the artists on The Voice 2018.

“Our congratulations also go to the amazing coaches, Channel 9 and ITV who deliver such a spectacular show.

“All of us at Universal look forward to working with Sam on his new music.”

Last night’s performance also included Jonas’ band DNCE and a two-song medley from British balladeer Callum Scott just in time for the announcement of his tour.”

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