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News July 7, 2022

Dami Im to Release Book ‘Dreamer’ in November, Telling The Story People ‘Have Been Waiting For’

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Dami Im to Release Book ‘Dreamer’ in November, Telling The Story People ‘Have Been Waiting For’

Dami Im has revealed she will be releasing a memoir in November titled “Dreamer”.

The publishing deal is with Hachette Australia and encompasses Im’s story from “The X Factor” to Eurovision and beyond.

Publicity for the book said “Dreamer” will tell the story of “fighting for your dreams and never losing belief in yourself, of not compromising your values even as those around you try to make you”.

Im rose to prominence when she won “The X Factor” under the mentorship of Dannii Minogue in 2013, however it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there.

Hachette noted: “In the years since “The X Factor” [Im] has seen her ambitions squashed and creativity was not just ignored, but discouraged. But with the 2021 release of her album “My Reality”, she emerged as the artist she was destined to be.”

Im said this is the story fans have been waiting for, that she’s now ready to tell.

“I’ve been recording, travelling and performing non-stop for almost a decade, so it was timely that I got to pause and reflect on everything that has happened before going on to embark on new projects,” she said.

“It also feels really good to finally speak of things that I have’t been able to reveal before.”

Im signed with Sony Music after winning “The X Factor”. In 2020, however, she defected to ABC Music.

In the wake of the fallout at Sony Music Australia last year, which included a culture crisis and the eventual departure of long-serving CEO Denis Handlin, Im was critical of the major label including its controlling culture and Handlin’s alleged meddling in her career.

Sophie Hamley, publisher of non-fiction at Hachette Australia, said: “Dami Im is a creative powerhouse, a knockout performer and an Australian musical icon – “Dreamer” is her inspiring story of overcoming setbacks and challenges in the pursuit of dreams that have taken her to the top of the charts and the grand final of Eurovision.”

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