News December 5, 2019

Scott Morrison axes Department for Communications & the Arts

Scott Morrison axes Department for Communications & the Arts
Scott Morrison / Facebook

Prime Minister has announced a major shakeup of his cabinet today.

The PM is embarking on a major consolidation of several government departments, with four standalone departments to dissolve.

These include The Department of Communications and the Arts, with head of department Mike Mrdak, a 32-year veteran, to be sacked

As The Australian reports, Communications and Arts will now fall under a new Department of Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Development.

Simon Atkinson will be the secretary of the new joined department.

Five department secretaries will also be axed, with Morrison telling reporters today that the changes will allow him and his government to “bust bureaucratic congestion and improve decision making.”

In a statement, the outgoing Mrdak said he and the other sacked heads weren’t consulted about the changes.

“I was told of the government’s decision to abolish the department late yesterday afternoon,” said Mrdak in a statement.

“We were not permitted any opportunity to provide advice on the machinery of government changes, nor were our views ever sought on any proposal to abolish the department or to changes to our structure and operations.”

Morrison has confirmed there will be no ministerial job losses.

The shakeup was approved by the Governor General today (Thursday, December 5) and will take effect from February 1, 2020.

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