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News May 15, 2017

China’s biggest EDM festival is set to storm the Australian market

China’s biggest EDM festival is set to storm the Australian market

While a number of international music festivals have attempted to enter the massive Chinese market over the past few years, China’s largest homegrown EDM festival, Budweiser Storm, is looking to expand into other territories – announcing plans to launch in Australia this year.

Eric Zho, CEO of A2LiVE, said of the move: “This marks a milestone for the development of the Asian electronic music industry, and for A2LiVE, the pioneering company that is leading the charge.

“Historically, the electronic dance music scene in China has drawn heavily from Western influences”, he explains. “With increasing numbers of international festivals taking aim at the enormous consumer market in China, the genre is getting more influences from outside its borders.

“When China-born titan Storm goes abroad for the first time, pushing its blend of international electronic music stars outside its home country, China will finally become more cemented in the world view as a real pillar of the electronic music community.”

No specific info has been announced, and it unlikely that Budweiser will retain the naming rights in Australia (Bunnings Storm has a nice ring to it), but this is an interesting development on the Australian EDM festival landscape, which has seen the recent deaths of the once-mighty Stereosonic and Future Music festivals.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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