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News June 12, 2022

Brisbane Venue Blacklists Band Over Alleged Hostile Behaviour

Brisbane Venue Blacklists Band Over Alleged Hostile Behaviour
Image: Instagram/@thebrightsidebris

A popular live music venue in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley has blacklisted a new band after a member allegedly made hostile remarks before allegedly assaulting staff and security.

The Brightside Brisbane took to Instagram on Saturday to address Friday night’s incident.

“Can’t believe we have to post this but due to a certain bands [sic] behaviour last night, we feel like we have to remind everyone,” the post began.

“The Brightside does NOT tolerate discrimination of any kind. If you choose to actively spread transphobic, homophobic, racist speech you will be asked to leave and won’t be welcome back.

“Furthermore – if you are in a band and you disrespect our staff in any way, you will not be welcome back at the venue. Our staff do their best to accommodate and look after all performers that play on our stage as well as patrons that enter the venue. To hear of people disrespecting them is completely unacceptable.

“To the band in question from last night, our booking team knows who you are and will make sure you’re not booked back at the venue.”

Whilst the venue declined to name the band in question, comments pointed to Gold Coast doom metal/death core band Black Blod.

Posts on their Facebook page confirms they did in fact perform at the venue on Friday night:

Hello friends, in previous post we were schedule for a gig on the 9th June at MOs on the G.C. Unfortunately this has been canned so…see you on the 10th at Brightside in the Valley!? come say hi.

Posted by BLACK BLOD on Thursday, 19 May 2022

So friends, a few things. This Friday night 10/6 we are playing at Brightside in the valley on the Murderfest bill. Yes….

Posted by BLACK BLOD on Friday, 3 June 2022

This Friday, the Brighside, the valley, we’re on at 6pm.

Posted by BLACK BLOD on Tuesday, 7 June 2022

The band’s vocalist took to the venue’s Instagram comments defending his actions.

“I’m the vocalist and I was there until 2am drinking and dancing with my other musician mates watching DJ Casper,” he wrote. “I had nothing but a [good] night and the staff were friendly and T who was working behind the bar will vouch I was nothing but respectful.”

Responding to another comment, he claimed the member in question had been spoken with.

“You can’t slander an entire band for the behaviour of one member who was out of line with whom has been spoken with,” he wrote.

Another user responded, “Did you fire them? If not, then you haven’t taken proper accountability and are just sweeping it under the rug.”

It is unclear which member of the band caused the incident, or whether they are still associated with the band.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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