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Features April 6, 2020

The best Australian music magazines still making waves today

The best Australian music magazines still making waves today

We take a look at the best Australian music magazines that are still alive and kicking today, making waves in the music scene through the art form of print magazine.

Although many would consider print magazines to be a dying art form, the role, purpose and relevance of magazines has never evaporated from our times, especially now in an age of digital exasperation.

Music journalism thrives off both online and physical mediums, despite one being obviously more accessible than the other. We’ve decided to take a look at which music magazines in Australia are still producing amazing work in the golden age of 2020.

Since we are a country full of vastly different artistic talents, most of these magazines will range from a collection of niche magazines, art/fashion/music hybrids and a few purely-music heavyweights that have lasted throughout the years. This list is in no particular order.

Rolling Stone Australia

Making its comeback in 2020, Rolling Stone Australia is back to remind us all why print journalism is so vital in Australia. With exclusive interviews with Tones and I and ONEFOUR amongst many others, the brand new and revitalised edition of RS is set to take this year by storm. You can subscribe to the new magazine here.

Acclaim Magazine

Acclaim Mag has all the stylings and je nais se quoi of a magazine from New York or Paris, and yet it all comes from Down Under. Focusing on a multitude of arts such as fashion and street culture, and with a definitive focus on rap, hip-hop and R&B, Acclaim is one of the most modern magazines we have available to us in Australia.

Monster Children

Monster Children is an endlessly interesting lifestyle mag that dives into the world of surf, skate, art and adventure headfirst. Every edition of their future-conscious magazine has a rather large music section, with a slight preference for the genre of rock and its subsidiaries. Plus, their covers are insanely gorgeous to look at.

Hysteria Magazine

“If it’s too loud – GOOD”  is the tag line of Australia’s very own premier punk, rock and metal resource, Hysteria Magazine. Hysteria Magazine is a monthly edition that covers all things heavy, and with their online website Hysteria TV, they have all things covered when it comes to covering Australia’s metal scene.

No Cure Magazine

No Cure is a boutique mag based in Brisbane exploring the realms of art, culture and music with a strong focus on visuals. Each issue revolves around a specific theme, and everything looks absolutely exquisite.

Oyster Magazine

Oyster is an international fashion, beauty, music and pop-culture title established in Australia in 1994 by Monica Nakata and Jonathan Morris. The magazine features exclusive international fashion editorial, interviews, and extensive music and art editorial.

Rhythms Mag

Rhythms Mag is a heavy, bi-monthly and glossy as hell publication with a love of blues, roots, folk and soul. Under the tag line of ‘a refuge for real music’, the magazine has a sharp focus on vintage and contemporary works, and every page is simply delightful.


Happy Mag

Happy Mag is Australia’s own quarterly contribution to the preservation of print, bringing together the best digital content on music, art and entertainment, Happy Mag is here to serve up your necessary dose of culture.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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