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New Signings October 21, 2020

Believe sign Brisbane’s ‘golden child’ of grime, Nerve

Believe sign Brisbane’s ‘golden child’ of grime, Nerve

Believe has signed Brisbane hip hop and grime artist Nerve to its artist services division.

“We’re thrilled to have Nerve join,” Mick Tarbuk said, Believe’s Australia & New Zealand country manager who set up the local operations of the French company in 2016.

“He is one of the most exciting artists in Australia and we look forward to nurturing his creativity and growing his career together.”

Nerve’s Australian manager Christopher Kevin concurs: “Nerve has been one of the most exciting emerging artists in the hip-hop/grime scenes for years now. It’s great to work with a distributor like Believe and build the team to make him a household name.”

The remixer and producer began stretching boundaries at the outset of his career.

He said the new partnership comes “without any loss of creative freedom or autonomy.”

His first beat sampled an old Gershwin record from his father’s classical music collection.

In between university classes, he released a series of triple j-playlisted slammers and made the documentary Fully Gassed: Australian Grime with 50/50 and NO.ONE Network.

His new track ‘Reece’s Pieces’, abounds with sly tongue-in-cheek witticisms, 808s and bass.

About its bravado vibe, Nerve explained: “You gotta be your own biggest fan these days, because everybody wants to knock you down a peg, especially in Australia.”

Of the video, he said: “We wanted to create something that represented as much of our experience with various Australian subcultures as possible.

“So naturally, we had a massive food fight, went skydiving, rode horses and practised BDSM.

Believe’s artist services roster includes Cub Sport, Vacations, Woodes, PLGRMS and Jakob.


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