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News April 22, 2024

Aussie Artist Beks Robbed of $4,800 In ‘Coachella Scam’

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Aussie Artist Beks Robbed of $4,800 In ‘Coachella Scam’

Independent dance-pop artist Beks has told of how she was ripped-off by what appeared to be a well-connected, high-profile Los Angeles-based creative.

Taking to her Instagram account, Beks recounts how she got sucked into a “Coachella scam,” which ultimately drained her savings of $4,800. The losses could have been worse.

“I’m making this video so he doesn’t do it to you,” she says. 

In the clips, Beks (real name: Rebecca Callander) explains how she was introduced to a seven-times Grammy Award nominated “producer and artist developer,” who claimed he would provide an an all-access pass to Coachella weekend 1, plus accommodation at a digs stacked with artists and producers.

Deciding the opportunity to network, learn and find inspiration was a good investment in her career, Beks smashed the piggy bank.

At the request of the producer, Beks transferred US$2,000 to an account.

A glitch would see that money bounce, he immediately told Beks, she claims, and she would need to hand him the cash in person.

The extra US$1,200 would cover the accommodation, which she handed over.

None of the advertised goods transpired, Beks explains. And when she has reached out for her money back, “he’s giving me nothing but abuse,” she continues.

Beks identifies the man, has receipts, and she shares them in the hope of protecting the safety and finances of others, in particular women, she explains.

“Shame on you for ripping off independent artists,” she says of the alleged conman. 

Beks’ claims, however, have been contested.

The Los Angeles-based man denies the allegations and fires back at the Aussie artist with his own statement, emailed to media outlets. In it, he breaks down supposed interactions and shares alleged screengrabs of his earlier conversations with Beks. 

“This was not a scam she is misleading people,” he writes. “If anything she trying to scam me!”

Those alleged screengrabs are collected in an Instagram post.

Raised in Brisbane, Beks has enjoyed breakthrough stints on stage at SXSW, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Groovin the Moo and Big Pineapple Festival, and been spotlighted in the digital pages of NME Australia, Pilerats, Purple Sneakers and Tone Deaf.

Last year, Beks was a finalist in the Vanda & Young Global Songwriting Competition for “All The Good Boys Are Gay,” the pride anthem she cut with producer-artist duo Paradigm.


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