News February 6, 2018

Australian Singles Report is going quarterly

Australian Singles Report is going quarterly

TMN’s Australian Singles Report, the industry’s one-stop-shop for local airplay, digital, streaming and predictive charts, is getting a shake up in 2018. Originally launching in October 2016 as a weekly issue, TMN is now focusing its efforts on a quarterly edition of the report.  

The changes will give artists and labels a broader picture of their performance throughout the year with comprehensive market share breakdowns and analysis. The report will also include captivating features on artists and unfolding industry stories, as well as expert opinion.

“Moving to a quarterly format gives us the opportunity to examine more closely the shifts in the market, and track how each label is performing over the course of the year,” says TMN charts editor Peter Tuskan.

We will continue to deliver great charts content on a weekly basis via editorial on the TMN website, including breaking charts news and summaries.”

The first quarterly edition of the Australian Singles Report will be released on April 9, with subsequent editions on July 9, October 8 and 2018’s Yearly Report on January 14, 2019. 

TMN’s complete weekly charts package, including the Hot 100 airplay chart, Most Added To Radio, Artist Top 50 and Country airplay chart, is available to TMN subscribers only. For more information on how to subscribe, head over to the charts page of our website.  

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