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News July 26, 2018

Australia becomes 10th country to get Vodafone Red add-on streaming

Australia becomes 10th country to get Vodafone Red add-on streaming

Australia has become the tenth country in the world to get Vodafone’s controversial pass.

It opens up for Red plan users for “endless streaming on the apps they love” at 1.5Mbps (capped but certainly does the job) and allowing them to tailor their mobile planning.

At an add-on cost of between $5 and $15 per month Australian users get worry-free streaming in four categories.

Music – Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, SoundCloud – $10

Video – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan – $15

Social – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest – $10

Chat – Facebook Messenger (text), Viber (call and text), WhatsApp (text) – $5

The music Pass alas excludes Apple Music, iHeartRadio and Google Play Music.

The video Pass does not include YouTube.

Each of these four passes are added onto any SIM only and Vodafone Red plan through the My Vodafone App and are billed monthly.

Vodafone chief commercial officer, Ben McIntosh, stated, “The beauty of the Vodafone global network is that our customers in Australia enjoy the benefit of products and services that have been tried and tested in other markets around the world.”

He added, “Right now, you can pay just $45 per month for 30GB of data (over 12 months, min cost $540) and that includes access to $5 roaming and the option to add on a Vodafone Pass for endless streaming.

“There’s simply no need to sign your life away on a leasing plan or pay excessive monthly costs for additional data.

“There are savings to be made and we encourage people to review their current plan and look for the best deal – it’s as simple as that.”

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