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News April 2, 2017

Aussies are closing in on the ARIA chart

Tyler Jenke
Aussies are closing in on the ARIA chart

Ed Sheeran is an absolutely unstoppable juggernaut in the charts by this point. Last week, we noted how he was set to equal a record held by Eminem if he kept up his success, and this week, he’s managed to do just that. But with Aussie talent closing in on Sheeran, could we be near the end of his reign?

The ARIA singles charts for this week are once again dominated by Ed Sheeran. While ‘Shape Of You’ sits on top of the charts for the twelfth consecutive week, equalling a record set by Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ back in 2002, the rest of the chart is fleshed out by seven more songs that bear Sheeran’s name, two less than this time last week. If Sheeran hangs around on top of the charts for one more week, we will have managed to witness Aussie charts history, something that doesn’t happen all too often these days.

The second position is held The Chainsmokers & Coldplay’s ‘Something Just Like This’ collaboration once again, while the third spot is held by Zedd’s ‘Stay’, at one position higher than last week. Number four however, sees Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’ make a huge leap from the 16th position. While Drake’s More Life project was the only album truly giving Sheeran a run for his money last time, it makes sense that we would have seen a huge leap in the singles charts by Drake, though considering the drop that More Life has seen in the albums charts this week, its hard to say whether this success will continue.

Sadly, Aussie tracks are a minority in this week’s charts, with only four of the 50 spots being held by Aussie artists. Our first Aussie track, the Ryan Riback remix of Starley’s ‘Call On Me’, sits at #23, followed closely by Pnau’s ‘Chameleon’ at #24. Amy Shark’s ‘Adore’ is sitting nicely at #27, while Sheppard’s ‘Keep Me Crazy’ climbs one spot higher this week, at #37.

The albums charts however, are certainly a little bit more favourable towards Aussie artists. While Sheeran’s ÷ (Divide) takes the top spot for its fourth solid week, two Aussie artists are keeping him company, with Lee Kernaghan’s The 25th Anniversary Album debuting at number two, and Northlane’s surprise Mesmer LP debuting at number three. The rest of the top ten is just as diverse, with The Beauty And The BeastTrolls, and Moana soundtracks sitting at positions four, six, and eight, respectively, Adele’s 25 at number five, and James Blunt and Steel Panther’s newest records featuring at seven and ten, respectively.

Sadly, last week’s best chance to topple Sheeran, Drake’s More Life project, falls down to the ninth spot this week, despite the rapid success of the record’s lead single, ‘Passionfruit’, in the singles charts.

Aussie talent also features incredibly well outside of the top ten as well. While former number one placeholder, The Waifs’ Ironbark, sits at #16, its kept in good company by sleepmakeswaves’ Made Of Breath Only, and Ali Barter’s A Suitable Girl, which debut at positions #15 and #17, respectively.

Elsewhere, Aussie talent is rife thanks to Keith Urban’s Ripcord (#22), The Wiggles’ Nursery Rhymes and Greatest Hits (#26 and #31), Mindsnare’s Unholy Rush (#33), and a number of compilations and retrospectives, including entries from INXS, Crowded House, and Cold Chisel.

While Sheeran is unfortunately keeping Aussie talent from the top spots once again this week, we can certainly take solace in the fact that Aussie artists are certainly giving him a run for his money. Who knows, maybe this time next week we won’t be talking about a new record being broken, but rather how Lee Kernaghan or Northlane managed to overtake the current king of the Aussie charts?

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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