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News February 12, 2018

An Aussie songwriter is behind the UK’s 2018 Eurovision entry

An Aussie songwriter is behind the UK’s 2018 Eurovision entry

Eurovision is one of the music calender’s most iconic events, allowing the world to come together to celebrate in talent that often doesn’t see audiences beyond their home nation.

This year the UK’s entrant, SuRie will perform a track called ‘Storm’ written by the Queensland based songwriter, Nicole Blair. The 24-year-old shares the credits with co-writers Gil Lewis and Sean Hargreaves who completed the track during a one-day writing camp at London’s Tileyard Studios.

The Aussie talent has had previous experience producing songs for the massive competition, however, she described this year as being “quite a different process”, speaking with The Music.

“The first time I experienced writing for Eurovision was last year. The main elements for me are that I like to make the concept and lyrics very positive, something that is bold that will resonate with the Eurovision audience.”

Blair, who has also worked with big-name acts, including Mike Perry and Uberjak’d also pondered on the notion that “It’s really important to try and think what the whole of Europe wants musically as well.”

She also detailed how she’d previously met the publishing company, Tileyard Music whilst in Stockholm and they “took her under her wing” when she moved to London.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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