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News July 26, 2021

AUD’$ partners with TikTok to launch hip-hop hub

AUD’$ partners with TikTok to launch hip-hop hub

Australian hip-hop media outlet AUD’$ (AU Dollars) is teaming up with TikTok to curate a locally-focused content hub on the platform.

Located on TikTok’s Discovery page, the in-app hub will consist of video content from local acts and curated genre-specific playlists, as well as spotlighting popular hip-hop TikTok accounts from Australia and abroad.

The content hub aims to break new ground for the representation of Australian hip-hop on TikTok.

Ollie Wards, director of music for TikTok Australia and New Zealand, celebrated the first-of-a-kind partnership and commended the curatorial direction of AUD’$.

“We’re stoked to be partnering with AUD’$, one of Australia’s finest purveyors of hip-hop, to bring the scene to life on our platform,” Wards said.

“Culture starts on TikTok, from music and trends to artists being discovered and rediscovered, so our hip-hop hub will bring all this together and be essential for any hip-hop fan on TikTok.”

AUD’$’s partnerships and communications director, Chris Vaughan, said that forming the content partnership with TikTok made “perfect sense” for the Melbourne-based digital media outlet.

“What binds our two organisations together is our shared passion and love of music,” Vaughan said.

“We recognise TikTok’s tremendous contribution to the local music scene and welcome any collaboration opportunities in the future.”


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