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News January 17, 2017

Ash London: Four Aussie acts to watch in 2017

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Ash London: Four Aussie acts to watch in 2017

Talking to TMN on the eve of Ash London Live’s debut, London said: “We have a responsibility to champion local artists. Young people especially know what cool music sounds like so we need to keep up.”

Now just eight weeks into her new night show on SCA’s Hit Network, London has lifted the lid on her top four Australian acts to watch in 2017.

Amy Shark

We hadn’t heard much about Amy Shark when her name came across my desk – but we love her breakthrough track Adore enough to play it every night on my show with an imposed talking ban in-studio for three minutes and five seconds while it plays. The Gold Coast singer invokes young-love-nostalgia with lyrics like “All of my money is spent on these nights just so we can hang out” and “I want the entire street out of town just so I can be alone with you”. Also – she’s a rad chick. Her new drop Golden Fleece shows that she ain’t no one trick pony. More music please Amy. I love you.


Sydney three-piece GLADES fall into that ‘how are these kids THAT young and THAT talented’ category which is usually followed by a period of deep life introspection and wondering what the hell you did wrong. With an average age of 20, their debut EP This is What It’s Like features five tracks including Drive which scored them a lazy 22 million streams on Spotify. All this from a band that formed less than a year ago before being quickly scooped up by EMI. Their stuff will transport you back to your teenage years – first kisses, road trips and late nights wandering the streets with your mates hoping you’ll score a cheeky snog from your crush. A promising debut from three super talented, super sweet music nerds who’ll no doubt find a huge audience as they continue to come into their own.

Will Singe

In a world of flash-in-the-pan pop stars who want it all and want it now, Will Singe is the perfect example of a young artist who knows his talent and knows what he wants to do with it. While he first came onto the local stage as the product of a reality TV show, it didn’t take long for Will to find his groove, leaving band The Collective and taking the reigns at just 22. It wasn’t long before his self-produced YouTube covers were pulling millions of views each and the world started recognising Will as a special stand-alone talent. Rumour has it he snubbed multiple fancy pants offers to eventually sign with RCA alongside Justin Timberlake, Usher, A$AP Rocky, Alicia Keys and Chris Brown. Will counts One Direction’s Liam Payne as an official fan, alongside thousands of Americans who attended a sold out tour across the country this year. It’s rare that Aussie pop exports make a splash across the Pacific and into Hollywood, but if anyone’s gonna do it, it looks set to be this guy.

Alex Hope

While you won’t necessarily catch Alex singing on your radios – you sure as heck are bound to hear a song she’s made topping charts at some point during 2017. At just 22, she’s already written and produced for the likes of Tina Arena, Troye Sivan and Broods – picking up an ARIA and an APRA along the way. Now LA-based and working with the likes of Tove Lo and Jack Antonoff, old mate Hope won’t be able to cruise under the radar for much longer.


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