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News June 9, 2021

Apple Music introduces pages feature for record labels

Apple Music introduces pages feature for record labels

Apple Music users will now be able to find dedicated pages for record labels as part of the streaming service’s latest update.

Coinciding with its high-profile rollout of Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio,  subscribers can search for record labels using the top search bar of the application and explore their biggest historical releases, as well as new releases, signings and a biography on their history or influences.

400 labels’ pages have been uploaded as part of the new feature including major and independent imprints, with the streaming service updating pages as more labels are added.

Apple Music’s global creative director Zane Lowe noted that the new feature would allow for fans to connect and form relationships with record labels in an organic manner not previously seen on streaming services.

“When I was growing up I wasn’t looking for the album that had the Warner logo on it, but I did go around looking for the Rough Trade logo, for XL, and to be fair to the major label system, Atlantic, for a period of time,” he said in Rolling Stone.

“If you’re hyper-focused on delivering great quality never at the expense of your commercial bottom line, then you’re naturally going to inspire people to search for what you’re creating.”

Lowe added that Apple wants to highlight labels that are hyper-focused on quality.

“The labels we’re partnering with here are the ones where I want to search for their logo on the back of the record and would buy music unheard because I trust that,” he added.

“That to me is really the culture that we’re trying to represent from a label point of view here. In a way, this is an opportunity for us to reestablish the concept of a label as something more than just a bank. To look at the label system again as more than just a distribution model or an investment model, but actually as a place where music, art and culture is fostered in a really deliberate and very thoughtful way.”

You can read more of Lowe’s comments here.


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