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News March 18, 2018

‘Andrew From Brooklyn’ has just become Bridget Hustwaite’s biggest fan

‘Andrew From Brooklyn’ has just become Bridget Hustwaite’s biggest fan

Considering that triple j is so ingrained within the psyche of the Aussie music fan, it’s almost easy to forget that the legendary station has a bit of a fanbase outside of the lucky country. Sure, we’re reminded of this fact every time the Hottest 100 rolls around, and the presenters make it clear how widespread the voting was that year, but now we’ve been given a firsthand experience of the influence that triple j’s presenters have around the world.

Beloved Good Nights presenter Bridget Hustwaite took to Instagram yesterday to share a video she received from former triple j presenter (and current Digital Exports Producer for Sounds Australia) Dom Alessio.

Filmed in Austin, Texas during SXSW, Alessio was joined by Didirri and his manager, Larissa Ryan of Hutch Collective, as they sat with an eager American triple j fan who has since been nicknamed ‘Andrew From Brooklyn’.

“We’ve met an American who loves triple j, and his name is Andrew, and he wants to tell you who his favourite presenter is,” Alessio said at the beginning of the video, before passing off to Andrew.

“My favourite presenter on triple j of all time is Bridget Hustwaite,” Andrew begins. “Because I’ve listened to you on Mid-dawns, for at least a year and a half, and seeing you get the Good Nights gig was just absolutely phenomenal and I’m just so inspired by everything you do.”

“Your dedication to your craft, your knowledge of the field of music is an absolute inspiration to me as a wannabe presenter, and so I just… yeah, you’re my favourite.”

After posting the video to Instagram (in which she remarked at the fact that Andrew was adorned with an Alex Lahey shirt and a triple j legionnaires hat), Bridget Hustwaite soon discovered that ‘Andrew From Brooklyn’ is actually Andrew Becker, a presenter for Minnesota’s WMCN 91.7 FM.

While Becker has been noted as a fan of Australia, its music, and triple j, there’s no telling as to whether or not the next time the self-professed “wannabe presenter” visits Australia, he’ll score some airtime with his idol, Bridget Hustwaite.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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