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News August 16, 2018

Amazon’s Alexa moves further into car entertainment space

Staff Writer
Amazon’s Alexa moves further into car entertainment space

Alexa might be indispensable at home. But the loveable voice assistant could equally be requisite in car infotainment systems, if Amazon has its way.

It’s launched a toolkit for developers called Alexa Auto SDK.

It has all the core facilities as smart home control, streaming media (currently Amazon Music, Audible and iHeartRadio only) weather reports, as well as new features like advanced navigation and search, which concern auto users specifically.

The SDK taps into a car’s native Bluetooth and navigation systems and allowing users to make calls just by mentioning the name or phone number of the contact.

Operating differently to Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto, Amazon said in a blog, “[Alexa Auto] includes source code and function libraries in C++ and Java that enable your vehicle to process audio inputs and triggers, establish a connection with Alexa, and handle all Alexa interactions. 

“It also includes sample applications, build scripts, sequence diagrams and documentation – supporting both Android and QNX operating systems on ARM and x86 processor architectures.”

Alexa is being presently used by in select vehicles for manufacturers such as Ford, Lexus, Toyota and BMW. Amazon plans to widen that list.

Car manufacturers are not overly happy about the entry of these tech companies into their domain.

They are better than their own infotainment systems and voice-recognition systems, and there is also the fear of these systems absorbing too much personal data of drivers and passengers.

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