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News August 8, 2017

Adele has reportedly invested in a virtual reality concert start-up

Adele has reportedly invested in a virtual reality concert start-up

Reports are coming through that English virtual reality start-up, EVR Holdings, has received a cash injection from a very prominent figure in the world of music, none other than chart-topping superstar Adele.

As The Evening Standard has reported, a source has claimed that Adele has invested an unknown amount of money into EVR, whose MelodyVR app allows fans to watch gigs using virtual reality headsets. They have also signed deals to develop content for labels such as Warner, Universal, and Sony, who The Evening Standard notes as owning Adele’s American label, Columbia Records.

Thanks to the rumours of Adele’s involvement within the company, their stock has risen by a whopping 22%. As City A.M. reports, EVR’s CEO Anthony Matchett did not confirm Adele’s involvement, stating; “We often hear that well-known artists have purchased EVR shares but unless they notify us, we don’t receive confirmation.”

Reportedly, Adele’s investment was made through a nominee, meaning that her details would not show up on a shareholder register.

For an example of the sort of content that EVR and their MelodyVR app are providing, check out this live performance of ‘Bamboo’, by Elder Island, which is suitable for VR headsets.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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