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News November 3, 2021

AAM unveils annual ‘Managers Week’: Exclusive

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AAM unveils annual ‘Managers Week’: Exclusive

Artist managers, the unsung, overworked, and often-overlooked power behind the performer, now have a week-long space to connect and share ideas. 

Organised by The Association of Artist Managers (AAM), the inaugural Right Here Right Now conference will kick off Dec. 6, 2021, TIO can exclusively reveal.

The first annual event should be a hub of discussions and insights “aimed at motivating and inspiring artist managers,” reads a statement from AAM, whose members can plug into its virtual sessions.

With a new leader in Executive Director Maggie Collins, the AAM is entering a new era.

As previously reported, Collins, founder of the music services business Morning Bell, succeeds Catherine Haridy, who departed earlier in the year for the vacant CEO role at Australian Music Centre.

“There’s no doubt that the past two years have been an extremely challenging time for everyone in the music industry,” comments Collins on the new Managers Week.

“Artist managers have experienced their own unique version of these trials, all while being the first person called on for leadership and solutions by those we all rely on to function: the artists.”

Morning Belle's Maggie Collins

Collins and her fellow managers are “also coming face to face with social issues that have rocked the industry for decades,” she explains.

It’s a huge burden for many. And while work is ongoing to solve these problems, RHRN “will be more focused on rejuvenating the managers of this industry so they have the strength to take us into 2022,” she continues.

“It will be a week of considered optimism, where managers can feel connected to one another and supported by their peers.” 

The program will feature sessions on the fast-moving worlds of tech, NFTs and blockchain; conversations with experienced international managers; an introduction to management; and a closer look at the creative paths of First Nations practitioners, via an alliance with Digi Youth Arts.  

In keeping with the spirit of community and optimism for artist managers, organisers are hinting at a series of giveaways to attendees “that could be a great practical help in their everyday lives,” and additional announcements on the AAM for the year ahead.

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This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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