New Music December 18, 2019

Rising Aussie producer VNCCII taps Paces & Godlands for remix EP

Rising Aussie producer VNCCII taps Paces & Godlands for remix EP

After a massive 2019, Australian producer VNCCII is ending the decade on a high with the release of a new remix EP.

The EP release comes off the back of her breakout 2019 single ‘Astro Life’, and sees fellow local artists Paces and Godlands contribute their own takes on the single.

The Astro Life Remix EP also sees VNCCII further push the potential of the original track with new original cut ‘Astro Life Pt. II [History On My Side]’, adding a rap verse among other new elements.

VNCCII says the reimagining of the track was inspired by wanting to take the existing ‘Astro Life’ to “a completely new level.”

The remix also comes with a new, intergalactic music video, inspired by Elon Musk’s Starman. It features VNCCII’s own animated cyborg.

Adelaide bass producer Godlands contributes a hard-hitting remix to the EP, complete with some classic dystonic drops perfect for any warehouse party.

Meanwhile, Brisbane’s Paces adds tropical-pop with a darker tinge that’s keeps his remix true to the original.

“The meaning of ‘Astro Life’ is multi-layered, and in this case, it’s a collective uplifting message of striving for your dreams and passions,” VNCCII says.

“This VIP version seeks to take the song into a new context and give universal meaning with the aim of spreading love and positivity. 

“My avatar is driving through space with not a care in the world, symbolic of embracing the cosmic journey.”

The release of the Astro Life Remix EP is the next step in an identity that VNCCII has forged through her fusion of live and DJ sets, with original tracks ‘Citizen A.I’ and ‘Astro Life’.

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