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News May 14, 2020

The Brag Podcast chats with former triple j host Veronica Milsom about life at home

The Brag Podcast chats with former triple j host Veronica Milsom about life at home

Even though restrictions are slowly easing, there is still not much to do in the real world, so join us in our recent The Brag Podcast as we talk with former triple j host Veronica Milsom.

Arriving armed with a dangerous level of cuteness, Veronica Milsom chats with The Brag Media CEO Luke Girgis while holding her new, 5-week-old baby, Zoe, or as she mistakenly calls her ‘Sophie’: “I keep accidentally calling her ‘Sophie’, which maybe makes me think we shouldn’t have called her ‘Zoe’.”

With COVID-19 shutting many things down around the world, including allowing many people into hospitals than those who are necessary, Milsom details giving birth in the middle of a global pandemic.

“It was really strange giving birth at this time, because they kicked us out of the hospital straight away,” Milsom reveals. “We got checked for our temperature, and stuff, before we went in, and had 1,000 questions about whether we had coronavirus, which if we did I could still give birth, but I wasn’t allowed [to have] anyone in there with me.”

Milsom continues on with Girgis about the ups and downs of motherhood, especially given that she’s been staying at home with her partner and other child. “It’s really wild just being with one person the whole time,” she states.

Continuing on from the pandemic, Milsom goes on to chat about her recent departure from triple j, and what that entailed: “Dude, I’m so old for triple j. That was 100% the reason. I was kind of looking forward to not dying my hair, and stuff. I felt like I was having to be younger than I was.”

“It messes with your mental health after a while,” Milsom noted. “Not that it was serious at all, but it’s just like you just want to be able to speak freely without self-centring about playing down your age, I guess.”

“I couldn’t talk about making out with people at schoolies, anymore.”

Keen to check out the rest? The newest episode of The Brag Podcast is out now, and you can watch it below, or download it via Anchor.

Check out the full episode of Veronica Milsom on The Brag Podcast:

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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