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News January 23, 2023

Support Act Tackles Sexual Misconduct, Bullying and Discrimination With New Resource

Editorial Operations Manager
Support Act Tackles Sexual Misconduct, Bullying and Discrimination With New Resource

Support Act has released a new document in a bid to help tackle the systemic issues of sexual misconduct, bullying and discrimination within Australia’s music industry.

The resource – titled “Support Act Guide to Sexual Misconduct, Bullying and Discrimination –   comes off the back of its own research and that Music Industry Review’s “Raising Their Voices” report which noted “high rates” of bullying, sexism and harassment within the sector and called for workplace reform.

Support Act’s new Guide is available on its website, and aims to be a checkpoint for individuals who have been affected by sexual harm, harassment, bullying and discrimination in the course of their work in the music industry.

It tackles concepts including: “What is sexual harassment/ assault?”, “What you can do to stop harassment, bullying and discrimination”, and “Steps to take if you have been sexually assaulted”. It also curates a list of support services.

The resource was compiled with the assistance of APRA AMCOS and Banki Haddock Fiora Lawyers.

Clive Miller, CEO of Support Act, said: “This well researched and up-to-date Guide contains important information regarding resources and support for anyone who has experienced sexual misconduct, bullying or discrimination. It forms part of a suite of resources that Support Act is developing to help create mentally healthy workplaces and support sustained culture and behaviour change across our industry.

“As the music industry’s leading charity and wellbeing advocate, we strongly encourage and promote safety, mental health and wellbeing best practice across all sectors of the industry, and invite music industry workplaces and employers to partner with us in this commitment by signing up to our Minimum Standards for a Mentally Healthy Music Industry via the website, if they haven’t already done so.”

The resource is available to view here.

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