March 10, 2020

Spotify reveals merci, mercy for new emerging artists program

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Spotify reveals merci, mercy for new emerging artists program

Spotify has launched RADAR, its new emerging artists program.

The first act to join the program has been revealed as Sydney singer-songwriter merci, mercy who recently signed to Mushroom’s Liberation imprint and UNIFIED Artist Management.

RADAR has been designed to spotlight up-and-coming artists in Australia and New Zealand, and will see Spotify work with local artists across all stages of their development with editorial and marketing support.

The selection of merci, mercy into the program stems from a brainstorming session between the label and DSP earlier in the year, according to Liberation MD Damian Slevison.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to launch her career with global backing from Spotify and we’re really looking forward to building her profile and connection to fans,” Slevison tells TMN.

“Playlisting will be a massive part obviously, but also through bespoke content that tells more of her story, and will let fans deep-dive into the messages and relatable honesty delivered through her songs”.

The 19-year-old debuted her first Spotify single last week titled ‘Fucked Myself Up’, and the tune has been streamed almost 200,000 times already.

“To have the global support from such an incredible platform as Spotify from day one is a dream for any manager when launching a new act,” said her managers Rachael Tulloch and Lauren Poulter from UNIFIED.

“We were thrilled when we got the news that she was the selection from Australia for the new RADAR program.

“We’re looking forward to working with Spotify locally and globally to really build merci, mercy, alongside all the artist development steps. As a company we really believe in Artist Development and building the blocks, laying the foundations. So we will still be doing all of this alongside the incredible support.”

Of being announced on the program, merci, mercy said she’s excited to have the support of her music, which aims to normalise talking about mental health.

“It leaves me in a constant state of empowerment, humbleness and excitement. It confirms for me that my dreams are indeed coming true,” she said.

“That what I’m writing about, all the issues that are so deeply important to me, are important to the world of music. I feel validated in the most wondrous of ways. It makes me excited for my life.”

“When we first heard the songs she had written we were so excited about the strength and message in her songwriting,” added Tulloch and Poulter.

“After meeting her, we could see she had a lot to say, a killer voice and awesome vibe. It’s been exciting to work together as a female force since then!”