November 19, 2021

Spotify & Deezer expand lyrics features

Spotify & Deezer expand lyrics features

Two streaming services have expanded their lyrics features.

Spotify has made it global with a new Lyrics offering while Deezer introduced synchronized lyrics on Xbox.

Spotify already had the Behind The Lyrics feature in most markets since 2016 in which it also offered trivia and meaning about the song.

But it didn’t offer real-time lyrics, which the company admits led to complaints from users.

Behind The Lyrics is now sunsetted to make way for Lyrics.

“Lyrics are one of the most requested features from listeners across the globe,” Spotify said.

“So after iterating and testing, we’ve created an experience that’s simple and interactive—and even shareable.

“By partnering with Musixmatch, we’re bringing song lyrics to life through in-app access across the majority of our extensive library of tracks.”

Spotify’s Musixmatch partnership previously offered lyrics to users in India, Latin America and Southeast Asia in mid-2020.

Lyrics are available to all free and Premium users globally across iOS and Android devices, desktop, gaming consoles, and TV.

On mobile, users swipe up from the ‘Now Playing’ screen to see the track’s lyrics scroll by in real time as the song is playing.

Those on the desktop app click the microphone icon from the ‘Now Playing’ bar instead.

On the Spotify TV app, users navigate to the top-right corner of the ‘Now Playing’ view to enable Lyrics from the lyrics button.

A built-in sharing button allows users to select the lyrics they want to share and the destination.

The Lyrics feature is available across Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and XBox One, along with Android TV, including FireTV, Samsung, Roku, LG, Sky, and Comcast.

Deezer’s offering, to celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary is only for Premium subscribers.

It has launched two brand new playlists. Xbox 20th provides soundtracks from the past 20 years from games such as Minecraft, Call Of Duty and Sea Of Thieves.

A dedicated Halo Classics playlist showcases the biggest tracks from the popular series.

“Xbox fans who want to take a break from playing can also hit pause and focus solely on their music,” the company explains.

“Chill out to your personal Flow, an infinite stream of tracks that include tracks you love and new recommendations.

“If Flow plays a song you don’t like, then just hit our ‘ban’ option and you won’t have to worry about ever hearing an unwanted track again.”

Earlier this year, Deezer introduced a Search By Lyrics feature for those who can’t recall song titles.

By remembering at least four words they could use the search machine.

Apple introduced lyrics in 2018 in partnership with Genius, Pandora works with LyricFind, and Amazon with both LyricFind and Musixmatch.