June 26, 2020

Pete Murray shares stunning new single ‘Found My Place’

Pete Murray shares stunning new single ‘Found My Place’

After a writing trip to Nashville and Los Angeles last year, Pete Murray his spent his time in lockdown enjoying the beachside lifestyle with family and friends and making new music.

“My life is a bit like a cinema, where you have your downtime, you’ve got a lot of time at home and then you’ll be busier away touring and doing things,” the singer-songwriter told TMN.

“There’s been a bit of time prior to COVID, just recording at the studio.”

Murray released his new single ‘Found My Place’ today, a song that he says is about passing on wisdom and “how difficult it can be to have success in the music industry”.

Not the Murray has struggled, the Byron Bay-based Rugby star turned musician has hit the top of the ARIA Albums Chart on three occasions and won two coveted APRA Awards.

His debut Feeler remained in the Top 100 for over two and a half years, and his follow-up See The Sun reached a similar level of success with all singles receiving widespread airplay.

The official video ‘Found My Place’, also released today, features his wife Mira and daughter Saachi. It was filmed on the beach at Byron, not once but twice.

Fighting the elements, the first attempt at shooting the video didn’t match the mood of the track thanks to an unscheduled downpour. The second attempt, a week later, was perfect.

“It was wet, way too moody, and it wasn’t the right vibe that I was looking for,” he admits.

“We needed to have sunshine and brightness and positivity. And so we jumped back in and we reshot it again, but this time we had the idea of putting Mira and Saachi in there.

“It was shot in about half an hour and 20 minutes because we only had that sunset.”

‘Found My Place’ was co-written with Gavin Slate in Nashville and recorded with Canadian-born Byron local, Garrett Kato, and also Murray’s first attempt at co-writing.

“Gavin’s a really talented producer and he was really great at helping to direct the song. I did a week in LA and I did a week in Nashville,” Murray said.

“I didn’t even know what to expect, but I think all the guys that I was kind of teed up with, were writers who were similar to me.”

Murray is one of a handful of Aussie acts with one million album sales but is yet to collect an ARIA award, even though he holds the record for most nominations.

It’s one of the Australian music industry’s biggest travesties. “17 nominations with 0 wins”, Murray tells TMN. With new music out today, could his luck be about to change?

“This effectively makes me the biggest loser in the history of the ARIA Awards,” he jokes. “Funnily enough, it’s actually something I’m really proud.”