News July 24, 2019

New research finds superfans average 10 gigs every year [study]

New research finds superfans average 10 gigs every year [study]

The Australian Superfan is obsessed with the live music experience.

That’s according to a new report by ticketing and data company Eventbrite.

The 2019 Australian Music Fans Report also revealed that a superfan attends at least 10 gigs a year.


No sooner have the lights turn off at a music event before 63% are looking for the next live music event.

49% went home and streamed the artist’s music after the gig, while 86% discussed the show with family and friends.

95% of Superfans are already looking at buying tickets for another live music event within the next 12 months, compared to 75% of the general community.


Superfans are trend-setters and like to be thought of as such.

They absorb social media to keep ahead of gig and tour information and go direct to artist social media pages and websites.

48% of Superfans first hear about events on social media, 59% looked up the artist on social media before an event, and 57% went to the artist’s official website before the event.

Engagement and conversation make all the difference.


Eventbrite made five suggestions to promoters:

Most Superfans lean heavily on Spotify’s ‘Concerts’ tab so ticket your event with a provider with Spotify links to promote to fans.

Work with artists on promoting your event through online channels. They work.

Target Superfans right after a concert: they’re buzzing and looking to replicate the experience at another show.

After your event, bombard social media with photos, videos reviews, comments and recordings to keep the post-gig buzz going, and ensure their next event is on their calendar.

Only 14% attend a music event alone. The rest go because their friends and family are going, which means target those who are ringleaders who’ll excitedly get a group together.

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