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News February 23, 2022

Music Industry Review into sexual harm & discrimination reaches NSW Parliament

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Music Industry Review into sexual harm & discrimination reaches NSW Parliament

The NSW Parliament has passed a motion in support of the Music Industry Review into sexual harm, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination.

The motion was moved by shadow minister for music, the Labor Party’s John Graham.

He noted that both the public and the Parliament are watching.

“Today’s vote throws the support of the Parliament behind the music industry and its review,” he said.

“We want this to be a very positive step, even though it won’t be easy to tackle these issues of sexual harm, harassment and discrimination.

“The music industry leads in so many debates. We need them to lead in this one.”

Graham said the Temporary Working Group did great work in spearheading the review.

The motion also encouraged people within the industry go get involved in the review.

Interviews have already commenced and focus groups kick off tomorrow.

Those conducting the review have reminded people that their voice matters, and could help shape the findings and recommendations of the review.

Graham also flagged that the issue is actually much wider than just the music industry.

“It doesn’t matter which industry or which role you work in, workers need to be able to feel safe in their place of work.”

Independent consultants Alexandra Shehadie and Sam Turner have been appointed to conduct the review which will incorporate confidential interviews, confidential submissions, a national survey and focus groups.

Its findings, which will include recommendations designed to ensure the music industry moves to a safe, respectful and inclusive culture, will be handed down in June.

The industry was warned last year that whilst it’s not an investigation targeting specific incidents or individuals, there will need to be action and accountability after its release.

“Unfortunately it will just be another report unless there’s courageous and committed leadership from the industry. If you don’t have that type of leadership, it will just gather dust. So courageous leadership is what ultimately brings about real change, and this means leaders in the industry, those with power and influence – whether they run companies, are performers, producers, agents, and others – must visibly and tangible commit to implementing the recommendations. They must be transparent about the implementation and they must establish an accountability and monetary mechanism to ensure change happens, progresses and is measured,” the industry was told in December.

Despite the risks of losing steam or waning commitment, the music industry was also praised last year for its early movements and momentum in agitating for change and staying the course.

“There is, as we know now, great momentum for change across the industry,” a speaker at last year’s explainer event said.  “So one of the [potential] pitfalls would be, don’t lose that momentum, ensure that the course for cultural change is focused and doesn’t stray.

“This is also a review that will gather media attention, so it’s important to keep stories confidential and to balance the narrative across the entire industry for all roles and all people… People do want change, and it’s incumbent on everyone to ensure that change occurs… Maintaining that momentum and commitment [will be key].”

You can find out more about the Music Industry Review here.

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