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News February 11, 2021

Night Time Industries Association chair Michael Rodrigues appointed Sydney’s 24-hour economy commissioner

Night Time Industries Association chair Michael Rodrigues appointed Sydney’s 24-hour economy commissioner
Michael Rodrigues (left) and NSW minister Stuart Ayres

The NSW Government has tapped Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) chair Michael Rodrigues as its inaugural 24-hour economy commissioner, effective from late March.

Rodrigues, managing director of Time Out in Australia for the past decade, pushed to turn Sydney into a 24-hour global city in his NTIA role.

He also held discussions with the Government in the push to lift Sydney’s lockout laws and fund music venues affected by post-pandemic closures.

“I’m excited about the upcoming opportunities and to champion the 24-Hour Economy Strategy as we deliver a nightlife that’ll sit alongside New York, London and Tokyo,” he said.

“As our city rebuilds from the COVID-19 pandemic, the 24-hour economy strategy is central to NSW’s economic and social recovery.

“So many industries have had a really tough 12 months, but we are seeing the green shoots of recovery across Sydney and NSW.”

The 24-hour Economy Acceleration Program will see the Government work with councils and industry to identify and activate unique and thriving economic hubs across Sydney.

The plan is to:

  • Support more integrated planning and place-making within Government to enable the 24-hour economy to thrive.
  • Encourage the diversification of night-time activities by supporting a wider variety of businesses at night.
  • Nurture industry and cultural development to help entrepreneurs thrive in the 24-hour economy.
  • Explore ways to enhance mobility and improve connectivity between 24-hour economy hubs through safe and reliable transport;
  • Change the narrative to attract more local consumption, encourage healthy behaviours, and reinforce Sydney’s status as a global cultural capital.

Minister for jobs, investment, tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, said the hubs across Sydney will each offer “a distinct experience, and [be] well connected by efficient transport options”.

He added: “This ‘Neon Grid’ of hubs across the city will represent Sydney’s diverse and vibrant night economy and we will collaborate with industry and councils to bring it to life, connecting consumers, creatives and entrepreneurs.”

Earlier this week, the NSW Government took a major step towards the 24-hour economy by scrapping the last of the lockout restrictions in the Kings Cross precinct.

Rodrigues will be replaced at Time Out by Elise Bucholtz, who joined the company in 2010.

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