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Genesis Owusu leads the winners of the 2021 J Awards

Genesis Owusu leads the winners of the 2021 J Awards

The winners of the annual J awards, held by public youth broadcaster triple j, have been announced.

Staggering the announcements throughout the day on the station, the first award given out was to Genesis Owusu, with Australian Album of the Year going to his debut Smiling With No Teeth.

Triple j said the album is beautiful, powerful, adventurous and memorable.

“From the day we first met him as a 2015 Unearthed High finalist, Genesis Owusu has been hard to define but impossible to ignore. Will you be treated to his loose hips and funk affinity or his experimental and fierce side? Is he rapping, crooning, singing or screaming? Well, on Smiling With No Teeth, he did it all without a second glance,” the broadcaster said.

In addition, Genesis Owusu also took home the award for Australian Video of the Year, thanks to the visuals to his track ‘The Other Black Dog’ directed by Riley Blakeway.

Following that, the award for Double J Artist of the Year was given out to The Avalanches, who dropped their third album We Will Always Love You last year.

“The past 20 years have seen The Avalanches experience the greatest highs and darkest lows. This year they channelled all of that into what felt like a glorious rebirth,” triple j said.

Unearthed Artist of the Year went to King Stingray who surfaced at the tail end of 2020 with debut single ‘Hey Wanhaka’. Triple J said The Northeast Arnhem Land collective have already achieved so much, but only have new heights to reach from here.

And Jaguar Jonze, who has been instrumental in the Australian market in shining a spotlight on cultural problems, abuse and the need for change, took out the Done Good Award.

“The reckoning against sexual harassment and assault in Australia’s music industry in 2021 wouldn’t be the same without the courage of Deena Lynch. Making music as Jaguar Jonze, Deena Lynch is an Unearthed J Award nominee and Eurovision contestant, but the fearless way she’s put her name and career on the line is equally award worthy. As Deena noted in June, victim-survivors aren’t responsible for creating change. And yet, Deena has selflessly used her own story to spark a conversation that will no doubt create a safer industry for the next generation of artists,” triple j said in praise of the performer.

Triple j said the winners were chosen for their originality, creativity and technical excellence, but they “should also be given massive praise for their efforts in enhancing and uplifting the Australian music community during a global pandemic”.

2021 J Award winners  

Australian Album of the Year 
Genesis Owusu – Smiling With No Teeth 

Unearthed Artist of the Year 
King Stingray

Double J Artist of the Year 
The Avalanches

Done Good Award 
Jaguar Jonze: Advocacy & Support of Abuse Survivors

triple j and rage Australian Music Video of the Year 
Genesis Owusu – ‘The Other Black Dog’ Dir. Riley Blakeway

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