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Opinion July 2, 2021

How to come out of COVID lockdown stronger and more inspired as an Artist or Manager

How to come out of COVID lockdown stronger and more inspired as an Artist or Manager

Still haven’t recovered from the last COVID-19 burn out? Here’s how I want to encourage every artist and manager to stay positive AND creative during this lockdown.

First and foremost it is ok to feel overwhelmed, anxious, defeated and unsure of what to do next. WHY? Because we are still in the mist of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

I have to be honest, this lockdown feels a bit more depressing than the last one because this time around it seems as though we are one of the few countries who are not getting back to normal in the events and music space as quick as we’d like.

But here’s what we need to remember…. Sydney did not have to lock down for nearly as much time as other countries such as America, UK, Asia etc. so we need to be grateful for that firstly.

Secondly,I personally didn’t stop once during the first lockdown. I flew back from LA, I worked 24/7, I checked emails constantly, I tried keeping impossible tour dates in the diary, I picked up extra projects and I tragically lost a friend to the battle of depression during lockdown.

I was so busy I actually forgot we were in a global pandemic and reality is that didn’t help me because I got so burnt out I ended up resigning from my role as a talent manager at Red Light Management in LA to take time off and just stop and breathe for a minute and understand the nature of a pandemic. So this is why it means so much to me to encourage artists and managers alike to take care of themselves during lockdown.

Since the original lockdown in 2020 I have launched my own talent management company in music and sports, gained a new roster of 5+ talent, signed major clients in the brand partnership space, signed the contract to exclusively run NRL, Soccer, AFL sports camps in Australia + NZ and Asia AND have educated aspiring music managers and artists across Australia.

Why am I telling you all this? Because this all came out of going through the challenges of a lock down.

What I encourage all talent and creatives and managers to do during this time is reflect and get inspired. Write down your personal and career goals, make a mood board with everything you wish to visualise in your life. Make playlists on genres you never thought you would, write in a journal, cook, run, run a lot, work out, and walk around your city and take in the positives in your current surroundings.

I strongly urge managers and artists to work together during these times not against and not to put unnecessary pressure on each other.

Artists – I can’t suggest enough to check in and make sure your managers are doing ok the exact same way they do for you. Managers most of the time don’t just have your funds to bring in, they usually have multiple clients, and they also need to re-access their own funds and plans during panic mode.

Be there for each other.

Write team goals, come up with ways to bring in income during these times, whether its through streaming, gaming, brand partnerships, government grants, sponsorships, writing/producing for other artists, hosting artist education zoom lessons, get creative and work together as a team… but most importantly BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER.

During home lockdown it is vital that you create yourself a schedule. Write out what you will do and work on each day, when you will work out, when you will write music, when you will respond to emails.

Set personal and professional boundaries, delete your emails off your phone if you can – you’re going to be at home working on your computer so really there is no need to be this accessible during lockdown. Make time for yourself.

Everyone needs to remember that on lockdown and home isolation you are at home working. You are not meant to be working full time non stop in your home. Your home is your safe space, and it should not be solely about your work life.

We will get through this and we will come out of it better, stronger, and more hungry than ever to chase our dreams.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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