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News December 8, 2021

Bootcamp launched to help music businesses be more eco-friendly

Bootcamp launched to help music businesses be more eco-friendly

Green Music Australia has launched an 11-week bootcamp for Victorian music businesses in an effort to guide them to be more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Launched in partnership with Australia Council for the Arts, iSystain and Yarra City Council, the bootcamp, titled the Green Action Plan (GAP), aims to help music businesses in Victoria understand and monitor the impact they have on climate, and make steps to implement and improve environmentally friendly practices.

The training program is available both in-person and online, with some businesses already committed to participating including UNIFIED Music Group, Velodrome Events and Music Victoria.

Green Music Australia’s partnerships manager Emma Bosworth said that the music industry needs to understand how oversized its environmental impact is, and believes the industry en masse cares about climate change.

“We all know the music industry cares deeply about climate change and the preservation of the earth’s fragile ecosystems,” Bosworth said

“We also know the sector has an oversized environmental footprint.

“What’s needed now are programs and tools to help us measure our impact, so we can collectively set targets and commit to ambitious action.

“GAP is the first program of its kind, offering businesses the training and support needed to get their house in order and become national leaders on sustainability.”

UNIFIED’s chief operating officer Matthew Rogers said understanding and controlling music business’ environmental impact is the responsibility of all businesses in the industry.

“We need to better understand the environmental impact we make as a company and as an industry – and ultimately find ways to make a difference long term,” he said.

“We believe all businesses in the music industry have the power to operate much more sustainably and create real impactful change.”

The training program will also be underpinned by a new sector wide IT platform, Amidesi – Australian Music Industry Database of Social and Environmental Impact.

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