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Crowdfunding campaign for musician Chris Wilson raises over $50,000 in 24 hours

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Crowdfunding campaign for musician Chris Wilson raises over $50,000 in 24 hours
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The crowd-funding campaign for ailing Victoria-based musician Chris Wilson has got off to a flying start.

The original target of $50,000 was reached within the first 24 hours.

The campaign has now increased its target to $100,000, with the total funds raised hovering just below $70,000 at the time of writing.

Wilson, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, will not be able to work again.

His wife Sarah will be stopping work to care for him.

Friends and colleagues who initiated the campaign say, “For over forty years Chris has given the people of Melbourne, Australia and the world the gift of his talent and enormous heart.

“As a singer, harmonica player, songwriter, producer, mentor, husband, father and friend he has laid himself on the line and lived with fierce authenticity.

“So if you can spare a buck or two please help ensure that financial stress is one thing the Wilson family won’t have to endure at this time.”

As reported in TMN, a benefit concert is being organised for him by Cherry Bar owner James Young, to be held at the Corner Hotel on Friday, August 24.

The first round of acts includes Steve Lucas, Kerri Simpson, Jerome Smith, Barb Waters, Shane O’Mara, Barry Palmer, Tim Rogers, Dave Hogan, Jo Jo Smith, Matt Dwyer and radio’s Max Crawdaddy on the decks.

More names will be unveiled in coming weeks.

Wilson will not be able to perform on the night.

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Recent comments (3)
Gil Onyett
26 Jul 2018 - 12:18 pm

How about a link to the crowd funding website where we can donate to Chris’s appeal?

Trevor andJoanne Courtney
1 Aug 2018 - 5:12 pm

slim ……

I never got to finish my tale …have you ever noticed how dylan’s songs start in reverse … ? he picks a starting point then he receeds or proceeds
depending on his whim in fact I’ll try and do that just now
so on our wedding day Redbeard attempted to hide in the boot of our 1954 buick hire car so he could get a free trip to your gig at the lounge on april 9 1993 ’cause his wife and mates wouldn’t take him …. I don’t think he cared much about our vows at all but I took them rather seriously .. even tho’ we were parked outside the shaft cinema

in fact the for-mentioned bearded one was asleep at the table at the time of filming aperantly dreaming about something else

it was good frIday we were eating fish and the wedding photographer had nice stockings

she had tears in them and it did my head in during the photos we were at monsalvat

I was very gratefull that Joanne’s Auntie Helinka didn’t attend

think Austwitch Slim

you can’t choose your rellies (‘but don’t fight at xmas” Chris Wilson )

so she asked for Joanne’s crucifix back which was gifted to my girl her on her eighteenth birthday

being the bitch that old crow was
is that called an indian giver?

anyway all credit to my wife she said fuck you Helinka

and took control of things
and fortunately for us the driver him pulled the big fella out of the trunk

and sent her back to mont albert and red beard him back to the swamp

I suggest and suppose you don’t know the back story to some of your songs

anyway it ends like this
my wife and I were in the Sheraton Hotel
I woke up at three in the morning and the girl was staring out the window

at the “bright lights big city” I think that was jimmy reed

I asked what she was doing

and she said ‘getting my money’s worth! ‘

I thought she already had

“but the joke was on me there was nobody left to call my bluff” b d

we live half way to Meenyan and there will always be food on our table and blankets on our beds for your loved ones

I hope distractions are fruitfull

litlle Josh mever let you down

Trevor andJoanne Courtney
1 Aug 2018 - 5:47 pm

jesus christ chris

we are so distraught we love you so much+

maybe we have to be tough now

red beard and little josh

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