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tmn charts Chart Analysis September 20, 2019

Chris Murphy on The Buckleys’ chart-topping debut

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Chris Murphy on The Buckleys’ chart-topping debut

The Buckleys are the latest Aussie band to ascend to #1 on the TMN Country Airplay Chart.

They are the fifth local artist to do so in 2019 with their song ‘Daydream’ replacing Darlinghurst’s ‘Sorry Won’t Get You Back’ at the summit.

Chris Murphy, the man responsible for signing the teenage act to Petrol Records back in June, says the achievement rates among the finest of his career.

“I cannot tell you how happy this makes me,” Murphy tells TMN. “I feel as good and as proud as the day I was called in NYC to be told ‘Need You Tonight’ was #1 in the US.”

The Buckleys were Petrol Record’s first signing since Universal Music Group acquired a 50% stake of the label in 2016.

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Murphy instantly recognised the group’s potential after being approached by an Australian music executive with an idea of Petrol setting up a country music division to find and develop local acts.

“My heartfelt thank you and respect to Dan Biddle for introducing me to The Buckleys,” he says.

This later led to Los Angeles-based agent Randy Salcedo signing the Byron Bay trio for global representation, a move that was eventually finalised by the INXS manager.

“I encourage all of the Australian media and public alike to get behind the extraordinary talent of our teen trio,” Murphy continues.

“I can guarantee that The Buckleys with their extraordinary work ethic and sense of humour will make all of Australia proud for decades to come.

“Not to mention Sarah Grace Buckley is a songwriting machine.”


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