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News March 19, 2021

Bandzoogle introduces expanded EPK tools for musicians

Bandzoogle introduces expanded EPK tools for musicians

Bandzoogle, the US-based website and direct-to-fan platform has introduced an expanded electronic press kits (EPK) to help artists take more control of their careers and revenue streams.

The platform, which numbers Australian musicians among its global members, prides itself on being created by and for musicians.

Bandzoogle works on the reasoning that an artist’s own website remains the most effective and reliable hub of direct-to-fan engagement because they are easily understood, interactive, controlled by the musician, and not affected by shifts in consumer behaviour or algorithms.

Last year 55,000 of its members made USD $12.7 million through online fan interaction, and Bandzoogle continues to contribute features and advice on how to grow those relationships.

For working indie musicians, an organized and eye-catching EPK is a vital promo tool, to get reviews and interviews, promote a new album or track, or book shows and livestreams.

EPK’s include everything media, venues and booking agents need, all on one page.

This includes a bio, promo photos, career highlights, press reviews, awards, and music samples.

“It’s such an integral tool for musicians wanting to move their careers forward,” Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford said, noting such kits can be particularly important for indie artists.

“EPKs should live on your website,” Bedford said, “and should be updated as your career evolves.”

Bandzoogle’s new options to its built-in EPK feature include downloadable and printable versions, and four new EPK templates.

These templates include features filled in with a musician’s content and media. From there, the EPKs can be exported as a downloadable file to email or print.

Bandzoogle data shows 48.5 million visitors from 200 countries to websites it powers.

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