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News July 26, 2018

Australian Made labels for Aussie records initiative launched at IndieCon

Australian Made labels for Aussie records initiative launched at IndieCon

Will labelling Australian records with an Australian Made sticker increase sales, or at least increase exposure by local consumers?

Especially for lesser-known independent acts or proponents of niche genres as jazz, classical and world music?

That’s the idea behind Australian Played, launched at IndieCon in Adelaide.

It will be similar to those used on food products.

The idea was mooted by Brisbane-based music tech company Nightlife Music’s music director Matt Lymbury during a panel on tech innovation.

The company has already introduced the icon on its in-venue music request app crowdDJ.

“If we want to buy local, we know what food, face products, electronics and clothing are Aussie made, so why not music?” Lymbury said.

“Our data and feedback show Australian businesses are parochial and want to play Australian music to Australian customers, but it’s getting increasingly hard to know or find Australian made music.

“The finger has been pointed at radio and global streaming platforms for the lack of new Australian music exposure, airplay and charting.

“But music quotas alone won’t solve the problem.”

Nightlife Music services 7,000 locations including bars, pubs, hotels, retail chains and all major casinos, and claims a reach of six million people a week.

“In the digital age venues are the new shop fronts for music,” points out Lymbury.

“Instead of going to record stores to discover music, people can go out, find and support home-grown artists.

“The highlighting of local artists like never before through a licensed platform, will also help the Australian music economy and help maintain our unique, Aussie identity.

“Australian Played is Australian paid.”

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