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YouTube Rewind 2018 becomes the platform’s second-most disliked video

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YouTube Rewind 2018 becomes the platform’s second-most disliked video

Rewind 2018 has become the second most disliked video in the site’s history.

It was released late last week with YouTube personalities cheesily acting out “the videos, music and trends that defined YouTube in 2018.”

By early this morning, it had 8 million dislikes compared to 2 million likes from a total of 106.4 million views.

At the rate of the collection of thumbs-ups, it could overtake Justin Bieber‘s 2010 single ‘Baby’ which was disliked more than 9.7 million times versus 10 million views.

While Bieber’s dislikes accumulated over the past eight years, Rewind 2018 reached the milestone in just three days.

So why are the haters hating?

One reason is that YouTube’s top stars (and also its more controversial) as Logan Paul, Shane Dawson and PewDiePie were not included.

Detractors criticised the failure to highlight Paul and KSI’s boxing bout in Manchester Arena in August which had been streamed by 800,000 people on YouTube.

However in a brief flash, Jaiden’s ‘Sub To PewDiePie’ Easter egg she hid in the background of one shot included a trophy with the word ‘tied’ on it.

Another much discussed topic on the platform – PewDiePie’s battle with Bollywood channel T-Series to keep most subscribed spot – didn’t make the video’s final cut either.

PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) issued a reaction video in which he slammed the oversaturation of video game Fortnite and inclusion of non-YouTube identities as US talk show hosts Trevor Noah and John Oliver.

Nor does it acknowledge the deaths of YouTubers’ heroes as LazyTown’s “Robbie Rotten”actor Stefan Karl Stefansson.

PewDiePie grizzled on his video: “I remember Rewind [used to be] something that seemed like an homage to the creators that year.

“It was something cool to be a part of.

“Now it’s like I’m almost glad I’m not in it, because it’s such a cringey video at this point. It’s so disconnected with the community and its creators.”

“Don’t be tone deaf on the community,” warned DramaAlert host Keem.

“The reaction to 2018 Rewind has truly been remarkable US vlogger Casey Neistat stated.

Third most disliked video on YouTube is Jake Paul‘s ‘It’s Everyday Bro’ followed by the trailer for Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Kjellberg’s attempt to create the most disliked video on YouTube history in fifth place.

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