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News October 27, 2015

YouTube puts takedown plans on hold amidst dispute with indies

Former Editor

The collaborative disapproval from independent trade groups across the globe over YouTube’s new licensing terms has been heard by the streaming service’s parent, Google Inc.

YouTube’s plan to remove music videos by artists signed to labels who haven’t agreed to its new licensing terms was brought to the attention of the European Commission. Late last month UK indie trade body IMPALA confirmed formal proceedings had begun in Belgium’s capital and now, new reports suggest YouTube has delayed any takedown plans as talks with indie labels who are yet to sign the non-negotiable contract continue.

The Financial Times has reported that while YouTube still plans to block those labels unwilling to sign their contract, it has put those plans on hold as negotiations take place.

Earlier this week an unnamed spokesperson from YouTube told DeathAndTaxes that the percentage of labels yet to sign its licensing terms is less than 5%.

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