News October 27, 2015

Withey announced as CEO of PopShack

Daniel Respall
Charts & Music Manager
Withey announced as CEO of PopShack

Former President of Warner Music Entertainment Conrad Withey has just been announced as the CEO of PopShack, the independent artist development label which focuses on YouTube talent.

PopShack, based in London, works to develop and grow YouTube artists with a focus on younger pop singers and groups. With more and more people using YouTube to discover new songs and artists, it has quickly become a relevant platform to showcase artists' work.

According to the press release, Withey plans to continue his relationship with Warner Music UK, operating as an A&R consultant for East West Records and current WME singings whilst also receiving distribution from ADA for PopShack’s artists.

“YouTube has become the #1 network for music discovery across the globe and the PopShack business is focused on finding and developing a new generation of ‘native’ artists breaking via the platform," said Withey. "I am thrilled to be partnering with Warner and particularly Dan Chalmers and the East West and ADA teams on this and other innovative new projects going forward.” 

Meantime, the Australian Tax Office has determined that if you make money off of YouTube then you are considered a ‘performing artist’ which means you are to be taxed as one, as reported by the AFR.

The ATO ruling states that “The income the taxpayer receives from Google for their YouTube videos is a reward for providing services relating to their activities as a special professional […] Therefore, the income can form part of the taxpayer’s assessable professional income.”

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