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Why Jack Ball at Hit105 is doubling down on Billie Eilish

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Why Jack Ball at Hit105 is doubling down on Billie Eilish

As continues to obliterate all competition on local streaming charts, it was only a matter of time before Aussie radio came to the party.

Brisbane took Billie-mania to the next level yesterday, adding her new focus single ‘bad guy’ not once, but twice.

, music director, says the decision to double down on ‘bad guy’ was sparked by his ardent love for the song and an eagerness to see “the biggest artist on the planet” conquer our airwaves.

“This is the third single from Billie’s album we’ve supported,” Ball tells TMN.

“Although we’ve had some success with ‘when the party’s over’ and ‘bury a friend’, I’m still chasing that ‘huge radio hit’ from her here in Australia.

“It’s my favourite song I’ve heard all year… why wouldn’t we add her twice?”

triple j broke Eilish in March 2017 with ‘bellyache’ entering the youth broadcaster’s playlist on high rotation.

With Eilish firmly rooted in the alternative sphere, Nova and Hit never seemed to be fully on board with her brand of fiendish electro-pop until now.

‘bad guy’ is on course to win TMN’s Most Added To Radio with ATB adds to the Nova Network and various Hit stations, and Ball believes it’s capable of becoming one of the biggest radio hits of 2019.

“Every sign is pointing to ‘bad guy’ being a record-shattering success, and I think commercial radio listeners are ready to discover and get caught up in why Billie is the biggest artist on the planet.

“I think in five years time all the networks are going to be arguing about who played her first like we do with Ed Sheeran, and ironically the answer will again be triple j.”

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