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News September 3, 2018

Say hello to Vita Music Group, the new look for Vita Artists

Say hello to Vita Music Group, the new look for Vita Artists

Melbourne-based booking agency Vita Artists have rebranded themselves, relaunching today as the new Vita Music Group.

If you’ve never heard of Vita Music Group before, you’ve at least heard some of the artists that they work with, with huge names such as Peking Duk, Benson and UV Boi بنفسجي فوق having done huge things thanks to the agency in the past.

Now, the newly-renamed Vita Music Group are set to do things a little differently, announcing a new division structure as well.

While the past saw all artists overseen by the agency grouped together, Vita Music Group will now be sorting their roster by genre to ensure these artists get the specialised treatment they deserve.

While VITA will see contemporary acts looked after, VITA ELECTRONIC will cater to DJs and the titular electronic acts, and VITA ALTERNATIVE will be looking after some of the heavier groups on the roster.

“The truly boutique nature of Vita allows us to have strong lines of communication with all artists, managers, venues and promoters across the country,” explains founder Guven Yilmaz. “This, in turn, has enabled us to accelerate the growth of our artists beyond expectations with strong strategies in place with managers and artist teams.”

“We maintain a firm hands-on approach with growing talent,” Yilmaz continues. “I’m incredibly proud to work with such an amazing team: Jon Hanlon, Shelley Liu, Cameron Mackinnon, Matthew Whiting, Lachlan Monty and Charlotte Markowitsch, who each share my passion for artist development.”

Having only been on the scene for a handful of years, Vita Music Group have managed to make a name for themselves by working with some of the best and brightest names on the Aussie music scene, including Kwame, Clypso, RAAVE TAPES, Austen, Nyxen, and Ocean Sleeper.

“I’m very thrilled to be working with a roster of incredibly talented and diverse artists, who I believe are some of the most refreshingly new and exciting talent coming out of Australia – different to anything else that’s around at the moment, who all encompass the VITA ethos,” explains Shelley Liu, agent for Clypso, Milan Ring & Rainbow Chan.

Joining the VITA ranks will be Lachlan Monty and Matthew Whiting (Friends Like Us) who will be co-heading the VITA ALT division with Guven, housing Foxblood, DVSR, Ocean Sleeper & more of Australia’s Alt ‘watch list’.

If you’re heading to BIGSOUND this week, be sure to keep an eye out for some of the brilliant artists on the Vita Music Group roster, with names like Clypso, Kwame, and Fritz all showcasing at this year’s festivities.

Check out Vita Music Group’s Kwame and ‘WOW’:

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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