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News November 8, 2021

Radio & music stalwart Brad McNally passes away following cancer battle

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Radio & music stalwart Brad McNally passes away following cancer battle

Brad McNally lost his battle with brain cancer over the weekend, passing away in a Perth hospital.

McNally had been fighting the disease since his diagnosis in 2016.

McNally kicked off his career in Canada and subsequently worked in Sweden, Ireland and Finland before settling in Australia.

In Australia, he worked at Sea FM, GOLD FM, and Perth’s 92.9 and 96FM.

He worked at 96FM a number of times, including as its original music director, and then more recently when he was content director. His content director role was made redundant by ARN in 2015.

He then spent time at the Gold Coast’s Hot Tomato until the brain tumour caused his retirement.

McNally was also a Black Belt martial artist and a marathon runner.

Veteran radio plugger Russell Thomas said it was a tragic day, and paid tribute to his friend.

“He was a mentor to so many of his colleagues and possessed a great ‘set of ears’. Brad also had the ability to pick a hit on first listen. I still have the cassettes he made me of different genres. His taste was eclectic and his enthusiasm for his radio craft was second to none. We were all hoping he would beat a cancer that would have initially beaten mere mortals and his years of battling it was inspirational,” he said.


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