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News December 9, 2020

V energy drink engages creative agency BRING to target Gen Z

V energy drink engages creative agency BRING to target Gen Z

Universal Music Australia’s creative agency BRING has signed a multi-year partnership with energy drink V to market the brand to a younger, music-oriented audience.

The partnership will look into music entertainment strategies that increase V’s appeal as Generation Z culture evolves and develops, in addition to launching a new consumer platform.

V’s head of marketing Jonny Croft said the drink brand is looking to “add to music culture, not badge it” when it executes the strategy in 2021.

“The strategy we are building alongside BRING and the team at Universal Music will allow us to have a unique voice once more, exciting Gen Z music fans while ensuring our existing customer base remains deeply connected to the brand,” he said.

The agency will use quantitative data to first understand how the brand is perceived by fans, then partner with artists that share similar attributes to capitalise on those perceptions.

BRING’s general manager Adam Ireland added, “Connecting to these young and savvy Australian consumers, brands need to impact culture, or better yet, create it on channels where these consumers are already engaged.

“V Energy is dedicated to that journey and we can’t wait to share their unique Voice in Culture with a generation of new consumers seeking unique music experiences.”


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